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Who Is Supreme Team?

Everything you require in one location to create outstanding music and advance your career. The most crucial impression is the first one. For your music career, we produced high-caliber beats and provide the services you need.

The Supreme Team is equipped with all the required tools and materials to meet any requirements for your music career. We are a one-stop shop with a wide range of skills that will help you advance. Our distinctive and energetic approach to music production has helped us establish a solid reputation. You may rely on us for music production, mixing and mastering, graphic design, videography, gaming, and NFTs. Every day is a learning experience, and both our past and present have formed our skills and expanded our horizons.

Our Games


Music production

We help you create music and make it sound amazing with a wide range of different genres to choose from. The quality production you need!

Mixing and Mastering

We make sure your music sounds as good as possible with our industry standard mixing and mastering services.

Graphic Design

We provide high quality design services as well. Whether you want to create flyers, logos, and visual effects, we’ve got you covered!


We provide customers with professional video services. Whether it's product shots, commercials, or music videos, our experienced team is equipped to handle any project.


Check out our GTA RP Server! Stay tuned, we have so many new things planned for our gaming division.


Stay tuned! We have some special offerings coming soon with NFTs and the Metaverse.




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